March 10, 2018

Assembly and parts

To use our airvenue® optimally, fill the glass container with fresh water. Do not fill with hot water! Ideally, fill the glass container to the maximum range. Do not exceed the upper maximum line of the container. The water maximum or minimum is indicated by a highlighted line at the top (MAX) and a highlighted line at the bottom (MIN) on the glass container.

Add a few drops of the Pro-Aqua fragrance oil or the Pro-Aqua hygiene and care product to the water as desired.

Place the control unit on the device and make sure that it sits correctly on the glass container.

Operating unit

The control unit contains the technology of the airvenue®. All functions can be easily used via the display.

Air circulation vent

Suck in polluted air and release clean air.

Centrifugal water seprator

The water distributor creates the turbulence of the water. The accompanying swirl tips ensure greater or lesser turbulence. They can easily be attached or removed.

Filter ring

Special design with no filter. No replacement needed, no additional cost.


The diffuser gently directs the water drops to the inside of the glass container and reflects the light for a pleasant colour harmony. It is removable and can be easily washed in the dishwasher.


The base holds the glass container optimally in place.

Rubber ring

The rubber ring is fastened under the base. It protects the surface of furniture from scratches or the like.

Power pack

The power supply has 12 V and max. 1 A. Only the supplied power adapter may be used. If it is damaged, replace it with a new power adapter from Pro-Aqua.

Glass container

High quality German-made glass with 2-litre capacity.