March 10, 2018

Technical Specifications

Most of our time is spent indoors, whether in the office, in shops or at home. Traffic, industry and other sources of emissions produce tons of particulate matter daily. Of course, this air also penetrates our living rooms, shops, offices, etc. Then there is dust, food scents and much more. Often, the air in closed rooms is more heavily soiled than at a road intersection.

Our airvenue® ensures fresh and clean air, which we should never go without.

Model airvenue®
Capacity (glass container) approx. 2 litres
Voltage on the device 12 V
No 220 -240 V on the device! Alternating current is already reduced in the power pack!
Mains Model number:


Rotation speed 3,500 rpm
Electrical connection 12 V DC
Colour range 12 LEDs
Timer 1 – 9 hrs.
Room temperature indicator in °C
Air flow level medium (Source: Tinschtl AG) 11.63 m3/h certificated according to DIN EN ISO 12569
Scope of delivery airvenue® air freshener
Power Pack
User manual
Dimensions approx. 190 x 290 mm (W x H)
Weight approx. 1.6 kg.